joost bakker
joost bakker
joost bakker


Melbourne Mornings is a monthly six-part film series produced in Partnership with The Design Files, presented by The Bank of Melbourne. 

The series profiles the unique mornings, perspectives and experiences of Melbourne creatives, capturing the intimate morning moments not often shared beyond the alarm clock.

Directed, shot and edited by Paris Thomson for The Design Files & The Bank of Melbourne.

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Joost Bakker is a globally recognised artist/florist/multidisciplinary designer and champion of no-waste living. 

He's the visionary behind Greenhouse by Joost no-waste restaurants, Melbourne's Brothl and a host of other inspired creative initiatives which seek to make us all think a little more about where our food comes from, and where our waste goes. 

Joost spends his days between his Monbulk and Melbourne, and we had the pleasure of following him on one of his daily journeys.